Singing With Joy

Isn’t it great when God sets your heart singing with joy. But how can we keep in tune and not go off-key? One ways of doing this is to realise that a singing heart is a separated heart. Separation in this way does not mean isolation, it simply means separate from sin but will to be friends with sinners.

There is joy in separating ourselves to God. We must stand apart from sin, while still standing up for others, committing ourselves, as Jesus did, to be a friend to those who don’t know our Saviour, but still abstaining from activities that Jesus wouldn’t take part in if he we here with us today.

We may find when we try to separate ourselves from sin, those we’re trying to help, may not understand. However don’t let this bring you down, as we will bring joy to the Lord, and that joy will be reflected and experienced in our own hearts.

Go on, try and separate yourself from sin!

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