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Ever had one of those days which just start bad and get steadily worse as the day goes on? If so, welcome to my world today!

Mind you having said the day started badly and got steadily worse as the day progressed, there was one things which certainly added perspective to all the trivial things which happened during the day – I got news that someone I worked for during my 1 year placement from university and then a number of years later at my current job as well, died on Friday, aged 54.

Funny how you think you’re having a bad day, until you get some specific news which just puts everything into perspective. It really made me realise that my day maybe hadn’t gone to plan but in the grand scheme of things the things that happened were mild annoyances, nothing more.

Sometimes all we need to refocus us on the important things of life, is unexpected news such as I got today – we knew he was seriously ill, but it was still a shock when we heard the news.

Keep focusing on the important things in your life.

Don’t get bogged down by the stresses and strains of daily life, they will bring you down.

It’s not easy at times to keep our perspective on what’s important, but only through doing that can we hope to cope with all life throws our way.

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