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Teach Me To Dream

Posted: March 6, 2010 in life, religion
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Our Respective Tasks

O Lord Supreme,
Teach my mind
How to sleep without a futile dream.
O Lord Supreme,
Teach my heart
How to regain my ancient dream-
The dream that revealed
You and I are one,
The dream that distributed
Our respective tasks:
You the Monarch of Heaven,
And I the Monarch of Earth.

Do you think your dreams are just random thoughts that come together in strange and unpredictable way? Well they are not, they are created by God based on His desires for our life. However they do pull on our conscious and unconscious aspirations.

When we awaken that’s when our dreams move into our consciousness. This is when we become aware of the content of our dreams, dreams which God has placed in our consciousness. God wants us to follow His dreams for our lives, but it’s still up to us to choose to accept these dreams as one we want to follow or aspire to. Let God help you reach your potential, accept His dreams for your life.

Brian Doerksen sings Lead Us Lord (Dream Again):

Lead Us Lord (Dream Again) by Brian Doerksen)

Here we stand
At a crossroads again
Like you said
In time the seasons change

Looking back
We recall the blessing and the pain
But now we turn our hearts toward
What is still to come
We want to dream again

Lead us Lord
Into a life of fruitfulness
Prepare our hearts to risk again
As we trust
Taking simple steps of obedience we know
That you will lead us Lord