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In the UK it is Mother’s Day today, so I’d like to wish all mothers everywhere a very happy Mother’s Day!

Although many families all over the UK will be celebrating with their mothers, there are those who will be finding today very difficult and possibly a very sad occasion too. To me there are three groups of people who need our special prayers today

  • Whose Mum is no longer with them, especially those who have been recently bereaved
  • Who have lost touch with their mother
  • Whose mother is unwell and/or in hospital
  • Who have been bereaved of a child
  • Who have lost touch with a child
  • Who have a child who is unwell and/or in hospital
  • Whose have a missing child, or a child that has been kidnapped
Other Females
  • Who would love to be a mother, but are unable to have children
  • Who would love to a mother, but for health reasons have been advised not to have children
  • Who have suffered a miscarriage
My Story

You’ll have seen from my profile that we do not have any children, so I find today quite difficult. Although I must admit, I’ve found previous years even more difficult when I’ve attend my church on Mother’s Day,  as the focus is all about family and mothers. My church is Bellshill Salvation Army and as well as my difficulty coping with Mother’s Day as we have no children, it’s also difficult for me as I have no family members there either. 

My Request

Many people will have been struggling in the build up to Mother’s Day, including those in the situations mentioned above. So pease take some time out from your busy day to pray for them today, particularly anyone you know in these circumstances. I truly believe that bringing them before God in prayer today, will make a difference.