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Yesterday morning when I left my house to head to work I didn’t get very far before my journey came to an abrupt stop. Right outside the entrance to our estate there had been what looked to be a serious accident – there was a car half on the pavement which was pretty smashed up at the front, the barrier at the edge of the pavement was gone and the traffic lights beside the car were mangled too. It appeared there had only been one car involved in the accident however I couldn’t tell if any pedestrians had been involved or not. There were two police vans and an ambulance there and they all still had their blue lights still on. The police were directing the traffic as they were having to send all the traffic along one side of the road as the other side of the road was blocked by the accident, There were long queues beginning to form in both directions when I got there, but I was lucky enough that when the traffic going in the direction I wanted to go, started moving, someone let me join the traffic almost immediately.

So having got past the accident outside our estate, I headed towards the motorway to go to work. I got as far as the junction where I would join the motorway when I realised there was an ambulance coming towards me so I stopped and let it past before continuing onto the motorway.

I continued my journey to work along the motorway. I got only a few miles along the motorway when I had to move over a lane to let another emergency vehicle past – a police car this time.

Surely that must be my last encounter with emergency vehicles in that journey? You would think so wouldn’t you? But it wasn’t, when I left the motorway and started the final part of my journey to work, I heard more sirens! This time coming towards me from the opposite direction were two fire engines.

Finally, as I was waiting to turn into the street where I park, I heard yet more sirens. A few seconds later there it was, another police car speeding past me!

What a morning! I couldn’t believe how many encounters I had with the emergency services in one journey!

If that’s how busy the emergency services were at that time in the morning (I got to work just after 8am!), I hate to think how busy they were the rest of the day! My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who required the services of one or more of the emergency services yesterday, I hope everyone was ok.

Let’s not take our emergency services for granted – they do a great job, often in horrendous circumstances and under extreme stress – they risk their lives to try to save others. What a fantastic job they do!