Girly Day Out

It’s always good to catch up with friends, especially when it’s ones you don’t see very often. Today I met up with a close friend who is originally from Glasgow, but who has lived in England for a number of years now, so we only see each other a few times each year.

Whenever we meet up we always make a point of making sure we’ve plenty of time to shop – even if neither of us have anything in particular we’re looking to buy. After all, half the fun is in the looking rather than the buying….and it’s much cheaper! Although I’ll admit it, we both did buy a few things today!

Although we keep in touch with each other, we always still have a lot to catch up on. Not only that but we always end up reminiscing about some of the things we got up to or done in the past which is always a good laugh. I know it’s not always good to look back on things, but there are exceptions and that’s when you’re looking back on some good times, it really does lift your spirits…it certainly did mine today!

After we did our usual wander round the shops, we always go for some dinner. Today, as we have the last few times we’ve met up, we went Frankie and Benny’s for some food and a further blether. We ended up in Frankie and Benny’s for hours…and no we weren’t eating the whole time! It ended up about 9.30pm before we finally left F&B’s to head for home.

Great company. Great friend. Great food. Great shopping. An all round fabulous day…even if I am now totally exhausted!


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  2. It’s only bad to look back on things if you can’t be happy about it, or learn from something that you did wrong. I think about the past all the time, mainly because I made some bad decisions and I’ll be faced with bad choices for the rest of my life.and other times i think about all the wonderful times I’ve had with the people i love and care about. Reminiscing can only hurt you if you let it.


    1. I completely agree with you Scott. However I would just day tho that it can still be beneficial to reminisce sometimes even it’s a time when things were bad, as it can remind us of how easy it can be to go wrong in life.
      After all we shape our life’s not only by the hood things that happen but also by those times when things just aren’t going well for us.


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