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Easter To You…

Posted: March 30, 2010 in Easter, religion
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Well it’s nearly Easter weekend, but what does Easter mean to you?

  • Easter eggs
  • Crème eggs
  • Holidays
  • Easter bunnies

 Or what about these…

  • Jesus
  • Calvary
  • The cross
  • Crucifixion
  • Death
  • Resurrection

For me, Easter is all about the second list of options, however that doesn’t mean I don’t like the holidays or the Easter eggs that go with Easter these days.

I love Easter time, it’s always round about when we say Spring officially starts, although given our weather forecast for this week I’m not sure Spring relates to Easter at all this year! Easter for me is all about The Cross and what that represents both all those years ago when Christ died on the cross, and now, to me individually.

I’d ask you today to consider the following in more detail:

  • What Easter means to you
  • Why?
  • Have your views changed about Easter from what they used to be?
  • If so, why?

Jesus carried our sins when He carried His cross to Calvary