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Ironing – I hate ironing! But then I hate doing housework full stop, so it’s not really a surprise that I hate ironing I suppose.

Last night on Twitter I got involved with a number of friends discussing who does the ironing in our houses. It was no great surprise to me, and probably not to many other ladies out there that it appeared that us female seem to get the short straw when it comes to the ironing. While some guys appear to leave the ironing completely to their other half, some did admit to doing some ironing…but only when they really had to. If only!

Having said all that I know I have generalised greatly above, so to all you guys out there who do your own ironing I have to say….Thank you, you have restored my confidence that not all men leave us women to do the ironing – I must commend you.

So to all you guys out there, get of your butts and help your other half do the ironing as it’s hard work so should be shared, not left to one person.

My Confession

I thought it a bit ironic last night on Twitter to be talking about ironing – Why? because just yesterday we sent out a number of items to an ironing place to get ironed! before I say any more I must point out that this is definitely not the norm for us, as I normally do all our ironing. However as I hadn’t been feeling too great, I had got very behind with our ironing, so just needed a bit of a hand to catch up again.

Normal service will now be resumed, so I’ll be back doing all the ironing again from now on.

My Wish

All clothes were creaseproof, so that they could all be washed/dried and put straight away without needing ironing.

Maybe we should start a petition to all clothes manufacturer, to get them to make creaseproof clothes!…it was just a thought!

I’d welcome any comments you wish to make about this post, to back up my statements or indeed prove how wrong they are, I welcome them all!