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Your Influence

Posted: April 13, 2010 in life
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Following on from yesterday’s blog post (Looking or Not), I’ve been think about “influence”, and in particular who we influence.

Firstly, what is the dictionary definition of influence:

  • an effect of one person or thing on another
  • the power of a person or thing to have such an effect
  • power or sway resulting from ability, wealth, position, etc.
  • a person or thing having influence

So who do we influence?

The most obvious people who we influence are those we see and talk to each day. E.g. Our family, friends, work colleagues. Although that does not mean they are the only people we have an opportunity to influence. We have the opportunity and ability to influence everyone we meet in person and those who read any documentation or blogs etc that we write.

Have you ever noticed how if you spend a lot of time with someone, we pick up sayings or phrases that that particular person uses a lot, and start using them in our own conversations! So influence doesn’t need to be something we intentionally pass on to someone. In contrast when with children, you find most will intentionally try to influence the child by trying to teach/educate them, or show them new things.

Have you been a positive or negative influence on others?

So we all have the opportunity and ability to influence many people in our lifetime, but are we a positive or negative influence on them? Have a think about those you come into contact with and how you act/react, write, talk with them. Take note of those you think you have influence and take special note of those you feel you have influence in a negative way – Can you do anything to change that? If so, make a commitment to do something about it.

Be a positive influence on everyone you meet today, and every day!