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Those who are parents or work with children, have an awesome responsibility to teach the children all they need to have a fantastic future. Doesn’t this all fit in with what I’ve been talking about the last few days…influence! We must ensure we are a positive influence on our children, and make sure we teach them right from wrong, good from evil.

God can and will teach us how and what to teach our children. Through God’s help not only can we be sure we are teaching well in life’s ways but also in God’s ways.

Raising Children For The Lord by M.S.Lowndes

It’s such an awesome privilege
And a big responsibility
God has given to us as parents
This wonderful opportunity
To raise our precious children
And instil into their lives
The wonder and amazement
of the love of Jesus Christ
So they will learn to trust in Him
And worship and to pray
To love others with the love of God
And to honour and obey
As parents we’ve been entrusted
To raise them in God’s love
To be there to encourage them
When they feel like giving up
And to be there just to listen
When life deals some painful blows
And comfort them when they feel afraid
And when tears begin to flow
To share with them those joyful times
The precious moments in their lives
When doors begin to open up
And opportunities arise
Through everything they face in life
Let’s be there cheering them on
For we only have one chance at this
For childhood soon is gone
So let’s rely on Father God
To raise them to become
Men or Women who trust in Him
And in His precious Son.


A beautiful song, one of my favourites by Kathryn Scott entitled Child of God fits in perfectly with my thoughts today: