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So yesterday we had our UK general election and today we woke up to find we have a “hung parliament”. I’m sorry but “hung parliament”!!! How ironic a phrase is that for a group of individuals in different groups who for the last few weeks have taken every opportunity to slag off the other group instead of talking about the things which really matter to me.

So, good or bad result for the UK? Personally if one party had won the election outright I think we would have had more of the same, however with a “hung parliament” maybe we will see some changes for the better – We can only hope!

Do you stay up last night to watch the results start to come in? I stayed up until about 00:45 and then just after 1:00 hubby came through to tell me the first Scottish result was in and it was our constituency! For some reason, which I’ve yet to comprehend, I felt quite proud – A strange response considering the result in our constituency was never really in doubt, being one of the very safe Glasgow Labour seats.

Even the few hours I stayed up, I found myself getting quite excited every time new results came in. If you stayed up, how long did you last? Did you get totally engrossed in it? My hubby did! When I went to bed he said he’s be through in about half an hour, however when I got up to get ready for work this morning at 7:00, he informed me that he had only come to bed at 6:30!!!

For those of you who stayed up during the night to watch the election results come in, I hope you were able to get some sleep and relax during the day today – Unlike the rest of us who had to get up and go to work as normal!