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Posted: May 14, 2010 in religion
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I love this poem, probably because it seems to be talking about me! Can you relate to it too?

Just remember that no matter what, God does have a plan for you and He will keep you safe.


Patience is a virtue
which I have little of,
but when I feel it slipping
I just call on God.
I’m trying hard to master it,
I really need it now.

The devil’s got me cornered.
My life is full of thunder clouds.
He’s throwing every thing at me
trying to pull me down.
He’s not sure my faith is strong
enough for God to bring me out.
I’ve got news for him,
I never will give up.
My faith is stronger than he thinks
and God is with me now.

God knows I’m not perfect
but He also knows my heart.
He knows I’m really trying
and we will never part.
He’s promised to be with me
and He’ll never let me down.

I haven’t earned His help,
it’s only through His grace.
He has a plan for me
which the devil can not change.
He’ll see me through to victory,
and take me home some day.
He’ll do the same for you,
just believe and trust Him too.

by Reatha Crow