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The Taste Test

Posted: May 15, 2010 in life, Shopping
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Do you remember the Pepsi adverts that used to be one the tv, the ones where someone was asked to “take the taste test”?

If you had the choice of either Pepsi or Coca Cola, which would you take?

Personally I’d take the Pepsi which is a bit strange these days, as up until probably about 5-10 years ago I never really liked the taste of Pepsi so would definitely have gone for the coke. However my taste seems to have changed as while I will still drink coke, if I have a choice I’ll go for the Pepsi.

If you could have any non-alcoholic drink, what would you go have?

Why am I asking all these questions? No particular reason. I think it’s just because I’ve noticed at work that those who drink cola seem to go for Coca Cola rather than Pepsi, however that may have something to do with us having a Coca Cola machine in our office rather than a Pepsi machine!