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There’s no greater feeling, than when someone you love, loves you in return. So imagine God’s delight when you accept His love for you, and love Him in return!

God loves all men, women and children, whatever their race, creed or colour, their beliefs or desires, their image or their deeds – God loves them regardless!

We all need and want to be loved, though unfortunately in the world we live in today, there are many who find themselves unloved. It’s our responsibility as Christians to seek out those who are unloved and show them that God loves them…that we love them! But remember it’s may not just be those who find themselves in trouble, lonely, or homeless who feel unloved, there may be those closer to home who feel like that. So make sure your neighbours, your friends and of course your family are aware that you love them, and, more importantly, that God loves them too.

Barlowgirl sing I Believe in Love – The video is not the greatest quality, so I’d suggest you just listen to the message and the music which follows it:

Keep On Loving!