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Following on from my blog yesterday Emotional but Thankful, today I’ve been quite emotional too. In between watching some football, including cheering on the USA against England, and sleeping through the Argentina v Nigeria game, I’ve spent time thinking about and praying for Bellshill Salvation Army Band, my band, as they headed south this morning to Worthing Salvation Army, to lead the weekend meetings there.      

 As I said in yesterday’s blog, I’ve been feeling quite low because yet again, for health reasons I’ve been unable to go away with them for a weekend. My thoughts have very much been with everyone in the band today. I know from past experience that God will most definitely use them this weekend to spread God’s message to the people of Worthing. I pray that through all is said and done this weekend that the band will bring others closer to God.   

I may have shed yet more tears today about my own situation this weekend, however my thoughts and prayers are most definitely with the band.    

I’d ask that you join me in praying for people to be blessed this weekend by the message of BSAB during their visit to Worthing.