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The World Around Us

Posted: June 18, 2010 in life, music, religion
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The last few days we’ve been having some beautiful sunny and hots days, I’ve found myself being more aware of the world around me, the beautiful flowers, trees, rivers, fields etc.

You know I see these things every day, but it’s only now when we have a few nice days I suddenly seem to have noticed it all again. How about you, do you notice the world around you each day?

Never mind whether you notice the world around you, but do you thank God each day for the world he created for you to live in? being honest, I don’t. I like many take the world around me for granted so often, and don’t really appreciate all the beautiful things God has provided in this world for me to enjoy.

Make a promise to God today, to thank Him for providing so many beautiful things for us to enjoy in this world.