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So we’re now two weeks into the World Cup 2010, and are now at the round of the last 16.

The group stages saw a number of surprise score lines, and resulted in two of the “big name” countries, France and Italy, departing the tournament at the end of the group stages. Then there were the surprises of the tournament – I’m sure we all have our own views on who they have been, but the surprises to me are New Zealand, who I know didn’t make it out the group stage, but, boy did they play well, particularly against Italy.

For me the best team so far have been Argentina. Others such as Brazil and German have had their moments, but have also looked quite suspect at times. So my prediction for world cup glory is Argentina. As a complete outsider to lift the trophy, I would go for Japan, as they have played very well and looked well organised and confident.

But who has impressed you? Who do you think looks good enough to go all the way and lift the trophy in a few weeks time?