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After 4 weeks, this weekend sees the end of the 2010 World Cup. So what have you thought of this year’s tournament? What were the highlights for you? And the worst bits?

The highlight for me was just how enthusiastically all the African countries supported one another in each game. Their supporters were all so colourful and so full of energy and enthusiasm, they were wonderful to watch and to listen too!

And the worst bit of the world cup for me? Having to put up with all the biased English commentators! How many times did they g on about England going to win the world cup? Teehee! They couldn’t have got that more wrong could they! And what really got me was the number of times they mentioned 1966! Talk about living in the past! Move on, this is 2010 and English are not going to win the world cup!

So this final weekend, who do you think is going to win, Holland or Spain? Personally I think Holland will win as I think they have more skill and power up front and in midfield than Spain do. Although I do agree that Spain have some fabulous players too, but I just think overall holland are stronger.

Given how good I’ve been at predicting the world cup results so far I’ve probably picked the wrong team to win! Whoever wins, I hope it’s a great game and that there are no controversial moments in the game to spoil the end result.