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I heard someone talking about being “freaked out” by their daughter when they found her sleepwalking one night. This triggered a couple of memories for me, as when I was younger I apparently used to sleepwalk!

So today I’d thought I’d share with you the one memory I have of a time when I went for a wee walk while I was sleeping

Picture this, a dull chilly autumnal night, it’s the middle of the night – I’d been in bed asleep for hours and Mum and Dad were asleep in their bed too. Mum is woken by a noise, she realises it’s coming from our loft! I should probably point out at this time that the loft in that house is a large open plan room with a set of stairs up to it, so it’s rally just another room in the house but on the second floor.

So as I was saying, Mum is woken up by a noise in the loft. She listens closely…is it just the cat wandering around up there or is there someone up there?! After listening for a few minutes she realises there’s definitely someone in the loft, but they’re making an awful lot of noise for it to be a burglar.

So my Mum decides to go investigate, as by this time she’s wondering if it is in fact me sleepwalking again – apparently I’d done it a couple of times prior to this. As she goes our their bedroom, which faces the stairs to loft, I appear coming down the stairs! She asks me what I’m doing, and I make a comment about needing to go to the bathroom and then head to the toilet!

Right, that’s my sleepwalking story from my Mum’s perspective, but what of this (if anything) do I remember? Well, to be honest, not a lot! I vaguely remembered being in the loft, but to me it had been as if I was dreaming, rather than me actually being there! I also remember my Mum asking me what I was doing in the loft and then going to the toilet, but have no recollection of actually being in the loft and indeed what I was doing up there!

So there you go, that’s my one sleepwalking story that I actually remember something about. Apparently there were other occasions when I was found downstairs in the kitchen, though I have no recollection of this.

What about you, have you ever sleepwalked? If so, do you remember anything about it? Or have you encountered someone who was sleepwalking? If so how did it feel?