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This is 2010, how many people can you name who died say 50 years ago? Of those you named, how often do you hear people talking about them? A few times maybe – Possibly just at “special” times of the year?

How about naming some people who died 100 years ago? Or say 500 years ago?

Is it getting more difficult the more years we go back?

What about 2000 years ago?

The one person I’m sure many of us can name from that time is Jesus, but how often do you speak about him, or hear others talking about him?

Jesus had and still has, a huge impact on this world. The very fact that over 2000 years since he lived on earth, we are still talking about him surely shows what a huge influence and impact he has, and continues to have, on so many people’s lives.

Is Jesus still influencing you? Is He still making an impact in your life?

Tell Me Again by Michael Olson and Sara Groves: