Archive for November 21, 2010

I’ve come across people who having found out I’m a Christian, have made comments such as, “it’s alright for you, your life is easy” or “you don’t have to face the same pain and struggles we have to”.

Why is it that non-Christians sometimes seem to belive that Christians have an easy life, that Christians don’t face the same pain and struggles everyone else does. How wrong this is!

Christians are just like every other person, we have suffer pain and grief, we struggle with what life throws our way, we laugh and we cry just like everyone else.

The one thing that does make us Christians “different” is that when we suffer pain or are struggling, we continue to rely on God to be our strength. We believe God is always with us, and is always guiding us through this journey we call life.

God can make it that little bit easier to face all life throws your way, so put your trust in Him today.