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Yesterday in It’s Easy, I spoke about how we all face struggles in our life, and how as a Christian we continue to rely on God to help us through those tough times.

Today though, I want you to consider how you treat other Christians when they are hurting and struggling with life.

Ask yourself what would Jesus do in this situation – Would He turn His back on them or would He hold out His arms and lovingly embrace them?

When a Christian is hurting, that’s the time when they are most in need of the love and support of their fellow Christians. But sadly, it’s often at these times when many find that their fellow Christians desert them, or are cold and distant towards them. I know of someone recently who when they were ill for a number of months, they found it was those they had worshipped with and prayed with for many years were in fact the first to turn their back on them.

Unfortunately, I this is just one of number of stories I know of where this has happened – What has your experience been?

Hurting Christinas, are people who need the love and support of their fellow Christians just like any other person. We must pray forone another during times of hardship and suffering. But praying for someone in these circumstances isn’t enough, we must show them Christian love too. I know from my own experience that sometimes when I’m hurting and life is overwhelming me, what I really need is someone just to give me a hug and that reassurance that all will be well.

Spread some Christian love today. Reach out and show some love to someone who is hurting…it could well mean the world to them!

I Need Love by Sonicflood 

You know who I am inside
You know when I lie
You can tell when I’m amazed
You can see my faith
You know when I don’t believe
You know when I’m free
You can tell when I need love
You know I’m in need

Love, I need love
You are love
I need You
Love, You are love
I need love
I need You

You know of my deepest fear
You know when I’m scared
You can read my empty page
You can feel my rage
You’re aware of when I dream
You see when I bleed
You can tell when I need love
You know I’m in need

I know we need You, Father
Much more than any other
Your love brings us together
We need You, we need You

Love, we need love
You are love
We need You
Love, You are love
We need love
We need You I need You.

You know who I am inside…