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Earlier today I during a conversation with a friend they got talking about what they considered to be the proudest moment in their life – They considered that moment to be the birth of their first child. They talked about the joy and pleasure they felt when they first saw their son, and were informed that both his new son and his wife were both well.

What’s would you consider to be the proudest moment in your life?

For me, there are two occasions in my life that I would say I felt proudest. The first was when I graduated from university – I was so proud that I was able to well enough at university to pass all my exams and make both myself and my parents very happy, and proud.

The second however is probably my wedding day….no it’s not that I was proud of getting married, but that I was so proud that my Dad was able to walk me down the aisle and “give me away”, and also that he was able to give his “father of the bride” speech.

Why? Because just a couple of months after I got engaged, and six months before our wedding, my Dad suffered a serious illness which for a while left us wondering if he would even be able to make my wedding, let alone be able to give a speech. But God answered our many prayers during that time and allowed my Dad to be well enough to walk me down the aisle and give a speech.

I was so proud of him that day.