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As we’ve been experiencing some of the worse winter weather we’ve had for a while, and as travelling is quite difficult and dangerous, we decided last night to oder our groceries on-line and get them delivered straight to our house. We did this quite a lot in the past but lately as I’ve been taking my Mum shopping at least once a week, we haven’t done this for a while.

So we got our delivery slot for between 6 and 8 pm tonight from Tesco’s, ordered what we needed and also what my Mum and Dad needed – this will stop them having to go out in the cold weather as hubby and I will take their shopping over to them after it’s delivered to ours.

So all organised…we just needed to make sure we got home from work by 6 in case the shopping was delivered right as the start of our delivery slot.

Well we got home about 5.15pm and decided to wait until the shopping was delivered before we had or dinner, as otherwise the shopping was bound to be delivered just when we sat down to our dinner!

Then about 6pm hubby decided to check his emails only to discover he had an email from Tesco informing him that our delivery had been cancelled “due to the adverse weather conditions in our area”! We were astounded…why were they cancelling our order, we only placed it last night when the weather was just as bad here as it is today!

Thanks Tesco! You didn’t even offer to organise/gather our shopping for us so we could just pick it up from the shop, all you told us to do was place another order with them” once the weather in our area had improved”! Thanks, that’s helpful!

I know those folk who work for Tesco will have been experiencing the same difficulties as the rest of us getting to/from work due to the adverse weather, however what has really annoyed us is that you were quite happy to accept our order yesterday for delivery this evening when the weather here was just as bad yesterday as it is today!

Fortunately both us and my Mum and Dad weren’t desperate for shopping tonight, so now hubby and me are going to go to the supermarket ourselves tomorrow night after work and get our shopping ourselves…thanks again Tesco!