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As the title of my post suggests, today I had a wet and watery day.

The day started as any other Saturday…we had a long lie…but aftr lunch things started to get a bit more watery…

I headed over to Mum and Dad’s to pick up my Mum so we could go and do some shopping. On our way there we stopped to check up on my Aunt’s house as it we’d not checked on it for a few weeks. Well we got there, Mum unlocked and opened the door, and the first thing I hear was running water….oh oh…

I quickly headed through to the living room towards the kitchen and found part of the living room carpet soaking wet and the kitchen completely flooded! I shouted through to Mum and told her to stay put while I went into the kitchen to try to find the stopcock to turn the water off.

Water was pouring out of the unit under the kitchen sink, I opened the door of the cupboard and got a face-full of water, it was shooting out the pipes under the sink and going in all directions. After about 5 minutes of hunting I realised I was struggling to find the stopcock. Just at this point I heard my Mum talking to someone – she’d gone next door to a neighbour and he had come through to try to help. Unfortunately although he found the stopcock and trying for about 30 minutes, he was unable to shut the water off for us.

What to do next…call a plumber! My mum has a plumber she usually uses but she couldn’t remember his name or number so we had no way of contacting him. So we looked in the phonebook and found another local plumber. After explaining the situation to the plumber, they told us they’d make the job a priority so someone would be out to us soon…

My Aunt’s house was cold so Mum and me had gone back out to my car to keep warm…an hour and a half later and still no plumber, so we called them back. Guess what? They told us they’d been trying to contact us, but no-one was answering! D’oh! They had been trying to contact us to tell us that they wouldn’t be able to get to us today!

Mum was devastated and now getting herself all worked up and quite stressed as meanwhile water was still pouring into my Aunt’s kitchen. So we tried a few more plumbers but were unable to reach anyone who could come and help us today! Finally we decided to go get the phone number of the plumber my Mum had previously used.

Why oh why did we not do this in the first place, because within 15 minutes of speaking to him he arrived at my Aunt’s house! I don’t think I’ve ever seen my Mum look so relieved to see anyone! Thank you mister plumber!

Even the plumber couldn’t get the stopcock turned off, so he had to try to replace the burst bit of pipe….oops…make that 3 burst bits of pipe!

After about an hour the water was completely stopped and the tank was drained – The plumber then checked if the heating was actually working after assuring us that the heating had a different water tank so should still work. Unfortunately it seems the central heater isn’t working…which may well have contributed to the burst pipes!

Mum was absolutely frozen by now as she had declined my various offers to her to start my car and let her sit in it – I was getting very worried about her by now as she was actually shaking now.

Once the plumber had finished stopping all the water puiring out of the burst pipes, and had helped ous check out the central heating, he left us. Mum tried to insit on helping trying to mop up some of the water, but I insisted she stayed out of the soaking wet floor as she’d end up getting soaked as she just had some shoes on (I at least had boots on). So I quickly mopped up the pool of water in the kitchen, and then took Mum straight home.

Phew, what a day! At least my Aunt is not at home, so at she hasn’t had to cope with the burst pipes, and at least I was with Mum to discover the burst pipes, as I don’t think Mum would have coped on her own.

Fortunately I’m not working next week so will go to my Aunt’s and lift and throw out the linoleum the kitchen and carpet from the living room, hopefully before it starts to smell. This is going to be some job, but there’s not really anyone else who can help, so I’ll just need to get on with it.

To anyone else who has suffered from burst pipes, I really do sympathise with you. I hope and pray you many to get the mess cleared up quickly and your insurance company pay for all the damage caused.