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If you’ve been reading my blog in the last few days, you’ll have read my blog post on Saturday (11th December) called Water Water Everywhere where I told about Mum and me finding 3 burst water pipes at my aunt‘s house and the saga of us trying to get a plumber there.

Well, when the plumber was there on Saturday, after fixing all the burst pipes for us, he had a look at the gas heating and informed us that it didn’t seem to be working. So as my aunt has a maintenance contract with Scottish Gas, my Mum phoned them first thing on Monday to arrange for a gas man to come and hopefully, fix my aunt’s heating. We were informed he’s be with us between midday and six pm on Tuesday (i.e. today). We also arranged with them that they’d phone my Mum’s number to let us know when the engineer was on his way so we could then make our way to my aunt’s house – as there’s no heating on there it’s too cold to sit there and wait.

So I arranged with my Mum that I’d be over to their house before midday so I was there are ready for when the gas man phoned to say he was on his way. I got over to Mum and Dad’s house about 11.40am, nice and early…so far so good…

So we waited. At 3pm my Mum started to panic that maybe the gas man wasn’t going to phone before he arrived at my aunt’s house, so to put her at ease we phoned Scottish Gas to check – they confirmed the engineer would phone us before he went to my aunt’s.

So we waited some more…and some more. Then at 5.45pm my Mum phoned Scottish Gas again to find out when the engineer was coming as we still had heard nothing. The chap she spoke to told her he check up on it and would phone us back to give us an update.

So we waited again. By 6.40pm we had still not heard anything, so Mum, getting increasingly strressed and upset by now, phoned Scottish Gas again. After being put on hold for about 5-10 minutes she finally spoke to someone, who informed her that she’d been put as a priority and that someone would give us a call back to let us know when the engineer would be.

So we waited yet again. At about 7pm we got a phone call from the gas folk, they weren’t going to make it to us today!

As you can imagine my Mum was very stressed and very annoyed by this. After all she’s in her late 70’s and aunt whose house we’re trying to get fixed is in her late 80’s …they shouldn’t have all this hassle. What annoyed us all more than anything is that we were given an appointment time slot yesterday of between 12 and 6pm and yet today when it comes to that time, they can’t get an engineer to us, nor do they bother to tell us until we phone them.

They then offered us tomorrow between 8am and midday…are you stupid British Gas, my Mum can’t possibly be expected to get to my aunt’s house for 8 or 9am – have some compassion. After a bit of debate they finally offered us 10am to midday tomorrow, reluctantly we took it.

British Gas/Scottish Gas your service is not good enough. We realise you are very busy at this time of year, however to cause this amount of disruption and stress to elderly people who’s home has no heating in these winter months is most definitely unacceptable, so we will be logging an official complaint.

All I can say is the gas man had better turn up between 10am and midday tomorrow!