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When I’m at work I quite often go to a sandwich shop just along the road from my office at lunchtime to get myself a baguette or a sandwich. Having been doing this for quite a while now, the folk who work in there have got to know me so we often chat while they are preparing my lunch for me.

Never at any time in my previous visits to this shop do I remember making any statement to them indicating I am a Christian, so today I got a bit of a surprise when I went in to get a baguette for my lunch…

There were 3 or 4 people already in the shop when I went in, and the staff in the shop were chatting away to them as they usually do with their “regular” customers – They just seemed to be talking about the usual sort of stuff…the weather, how cold it is, whether they’d bought all their Christmas presents yet etc.

They finished serving everyone else (I was now the only customer in the shop), so served me. During this the guy started talking to me about whether I was organised for Christmas etc and I replied I just had to wrap a few presents, but that other than that I was all organised. I was then surprised when he then commented on how commercial Christmas is and that it upset him that “everyone forgets the real meaning of Christmas“!

Although I was quite surprised by his comments – not just that he had made them but that he’d made them to me and none of the previous customers – I totally agreed with him and said it is very disappointing how few people celebrate Christmas for what it’s really all about.

This whole conversation has been bugging me somewhat all afternoon, here’s why:

  • Why did he make those comments to me?
  • Why did he not make those comment to the previous customers or those who came in while he was serving me?
  • Did he see something in me that made him believe I am a Christian?

Obviously I can’t answer those questions, however I pray that this Christmas and every day, others may see a little bit of Christ in the way I live my life.

Please remember the true reason for Christmas this year. After all, without Christ there would be no CHRISTmas!

Christmas IS a time to LOVE…