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Where do I start with this one?

Well there’s Christmas carols of course and then there’s the Christmas songs which seem to get more and more every year.

Now Christmas carols I can cope with as they are all about why we celebrate Christmas and what Christmas should mean to every one of us. Then there’s all these other Christmas songs, the majority of which have nothing to do with the real meaning of Christmas and tend to be all about Santa, presents, snowmen, reindeer etc.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like a good Christmas song, but why oh why must the shops start playing Christmas music constantly from about October right through till the new year!? It drives me nuts! Not just the fact that it’s constant Christmas music, but that there’s usually very few, if any, Christmas carols played in amongst all the Christmas music.

Christmas should be all about Christ and the real reason we celebrate Christmas. Please take some time this Christmas to listen to some Christmas carols as well as some other Christmas music – Just remind yourself of the true meaning of Christmas.

One of my favourite Christmas carols is Angels From The Realms of Glory – I hope you enjoy the following performance of this carol: