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It’s late, it’s dark outside and it’s cold, but it’s also a clear evening so you can see the stars shining brightly. So now close your eyes and imagine… it’s thousands of years ago, you see a bright star in the sky and you feel you’re being directed by God to go to where the star is shining. How do you feel?

I can’t imagine how that must have felt for the shepherds or the wise men, however I do know that once they saw Jesus they must have felt honoured and humbled to be the ones chosen to be there on Jesus’ first day on earth.

Now back to the present…

Obviously we don’t have that same opportunity as the shepherd and wise men had to be there on Christ‘s first day on earth, however we can do the next best thing – live our lives to the full by living each day for Christ as if today is the day we are going to meet Him.

Silent night, holy night
All is calm, all is bright

I pray tonight, this Christmas Eve that we can all join together to rejoice in the knowledge that tomorrow, Christmas Day, marks the anniversary of Jesus’ birth all those years ago.