Giving It Up

Yesterday was the start of Lent, so in yesterday’s blog post called Lent I told you what Lent is and why it we celebrate it. Now today I want to focus on the things we give up for Lent.

As I said yesterday, Lent is all about personal sacrifice and in turn helping others, so whatever we “give up” should be something that is important to us or that we enjoy. So based on that what sort of things could we consider to “give up” for Lent?

Well here’s some things that are being “given up” this Lent by people I know:

As you can see even for these few examples, a hugs variety of things can be “given up” for Lent. However the most important thing to remember when deciding what to “give up” for Lent, is that it must be something that matters to you. i.e. There’s no point in saying you’re going to give up drinking coffee if you only drink one cup of coffee as day, as you’re not really denying yourself something you will really miss. On the other hand , if you drink 3 or 4 cups of coffee a day, giving up coffee for Lent would be a sacrifice for you.

Me, I’m giving up chocolate for lent, as chocolate has always been my comfort food, and as this years has been quite stressful for me so far, I will most certainly miss my chocolate in the next few weeks!

How about you, what are you giving up for lent? Is it really something that you will miss, or are you just giving it up as a token gesture?

Sacrifice by  Tree63

Before Your people worshipped You
You said that something had to die
And as they brought their sacrifice You heard their cries

Before Your children could come home
You said that something had to die
And as You brought Your sacrifice
We heard You cry

You know what it’s like to give it up
You know how it feels to let go
You know what it’s like to take it forget forsake it
To raise Your head and cry

It’s all for You
(Father) It’s all for You
I live for You
(Father) I die for You

I know that You can hear my voice
Because Your servant paid the price
But there is silence in my mouth and I can’t cry

So as I come to worship You
I know that something has to die
And as I bring my sacrifice just let it die

You know what it’s like against Your skin
You know how it feels beneath Your hands
You know how it is to carry so rough and heavy
And underneath to cry

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