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Yesterday in Rejected Heart I spoke about how devastating it can be to find someone you care about doesn’t have the same feelings for you, but did you also notice the other message in that blog post? God sent me an angel when I was in the darkest depths of despair, and that angel supported and encouraged me through those very difficult times.

So in the last couple of days my posts have been about angels (in Leading Us Home and Rejected Heart), and today is no different…

Why do I believe God sent me an angel at that difficult time in my life? God knew I was struggling physically, emotionally and spiritually at that time and knew I needed His help. God’s way of providing me with that help was to send me an angel, someone I knew but had previously never been particularly close in any way.

Are these people God sends to help us still angels even if they don’t know they are angels? Of course they are, it’s what they mean to the person they have been sent to (the recipient) that is the important part.

So no matter whether we realize God has sent us to be someone’s angel or not, it will not stop us doing the job God sent us to do.

Sometimes angels don’t know they are angels. But you know what? They still get the job done

All I can say again is that I truly believe in angels – God sends us angels to help us sometimes just for a short period of times, others for a lifetime, but either way they are still angels in God’s eyes.

Angels exist, and are sent by God!

Angel In Disguise by Delirious   

Wake me up, shake me up,
Break me up and then put me back together.
Take my crown, let me drown,
Bring me round then stay with me forever.
I’ve never known love like this,
Maybe you’re an angel in disguise.

Call my name,
Somebody take me away.
Rescue me, completely.
No more shame,
Somebody take it away.
Rescue me.

Wake me up, take me up,
Feel the heat, it’s closer now than ever.
Secrets hide in the sand,
Take these bones and put me back together.
Oh, oh you’re killing me with just one kiss.
Maybe I’m an angel in your eyes.