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A mission statement is a formal, short, written statement of the purpose of a company or organization. The mission statement should guide the actions of the organization, spell out its overall goal, provide a sense of direction, and guide decision-making.

Have your work or church or any other organisations you are part of, have a mission statement?

If so, can you recite that mission statement without having to look it up first?

My guess is most of us would not be able to freely recite mission statements of organisations we are part of or attend.

I think a lot of the mission statements that exist, have been written more with the people who know nothing about the organisation in mind , than actually considering the views/beliefs of those who are members or employees. So what difference does that make? I think there are good and bad point to this:


  • People out with the organisation learn a little about its purpose/aim
  • The organisation appears to be reaching out to those not already part of their organisation


  • It doesn’t necessarily represent the aims/believes of the everyday members of the organisation
  • The statement id too general and wide-reaching to focus the aims/mission of its members

What’s your view of mission statements?

Personally my view is that mission statements are often just compiled just because they’re considered the “in-thing” to do, rather than because the members of the organisation will treat that mission statement at the true mission or aim or the organisation. After all of the organisations you are part of that have mission statements, how many times would you say you consider the mission statement, or think about whether you are working towards achieving the aims of that mission statement?