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The last few days I’ve spoken about identity and how as Christians we should try to be more like Christ. So as far as how we act and what we believe, I’ve covered in the last few days, but how about you. i.e. The person God knows as you.

As the header of my blog suggests I believe we each have our own thoughts, experiences and views of life, but ultimate God still knows me as me, Dorothy, Dot, Doffery, Dotiffy, Mrs Neil, DJ, Miss Johnson. i.e. All the names I am known by/have been known as.

So we’re told that God knows us each individually by our name, but isn’t that awesome in itself? After all how many people in the world do you think there are with the same name as you? If you consider when you try and book anything these days, you often have to give your name, date of birth and address and sometimes some kind of reference number as well, before those you’re contacting are anywhere close to uniquely identify you!

God is awesome. He knows every little things about each one of us and He can recognise each of us by our name…

So how did you get your name?

Were you named after anyone?

What other names were considered for you and why did your parents make their final decision?

Do you even like your name?

Here’s my personal answers to those questions:

  • My first name is Dorothy, although apparently Diane was also a possibility for a while.
  • My middle name is Mary after my Mum’s oldest sister, my Aunt Mae (her real name is Mary).
  • My Mum apparently wanted me to go by the name Dorothy Mary, but my Dad thought that was too much of a mouthful for a wee child to cope with.
  • As far as my name is concerned, I’ve got used to it! It’s probably not a name I would have chosen myself, though I must admit I do prefer Dot to Dorothy, although I know mu Mum hates that! Sorry Mum!