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Do you consider yourself to be a follower or a leader? Or are you a follower and a leader?

Yes it is possible to follow but also lead – How?

We can all be followers of God, and as a follower of God we can also be responsible for leading others to God, or guiding others in their Christian journey.

That’s all well and good, but do we always follow God and lead others, or are we guilty of trying to lead/direct God and follow others?

I think if we’re all honest we have all tried to direct God in some way at some time, whether it be trying to persuade Him that our way is best, or that He should let us do a particular task etc. I also think that we we’ve probably all been led astray from God plan for our life at some point, because we’ve been too busy following others and taking their advice or guidance, that we’ve forgotten about God.

In conclusion, make sure you are following God, and leading others to Him and not the other way around!