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I think sometimes we can all be guilty of thinking prayer doesn’t work simply because we don’t see any results to our prayers, or the results we see are not those we wanted. Why is it that when we pray we seem to forget that God determines to outcome to all our actions, both done or just considered?

Is it because we somehow feel we should be in control of all that happens in our life…including our prayers?

Sometimes God answers our prayers immediately, other times it can be months or years before He answers them, however He will always answer our prayers.

The other important thing we must always remember is that we may not even have realised God has answered our prayers. How can that be? Well God not only answers our prayers, He answers them in the way He considers to be best for us which of course isn’t necessarily the way we may have wanted.

No matter what we pray for, please, remember that prayer really does work if you simply give it a chance – You need to invest some time in prayer and it will produce results!

Jesus Answers Prayer by the International Staff Band of the Salvation Army: