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Yesterday in Silence Is Golden I spoke about wonderful silence can be and how relaxing and peaceful it can be to surround ourselves with stillness and beauty. But have I jumped the gun, is silence really always golden?

What about when you’re waiting for an important phone call about the well-being of a loved one? That’s stressful, not relaxing.

Waiting by the phone to hear whether you’ve been successful in a job application? That’s stressful, not relaxing.

What about those who live alone and find they can go days without seeing or speaking to another person? That’s sad, not enjoyable.

What about when you’re struggling with life and you’re sitting at home alone, the doorbell and the phone never rings? That’s sad, and definitely not peaceful.

What about when you phone, text, or email a “friend” and they never reply to you? That frustrating and depressing, not enjoyable.

What about the homeless, who spend days and nights on the streets, alone, and struggling to survive? That’s tough, not peaceful or relaxing.

Just because we can enjoy the quiet and peaceful times of life, don’t forget that there are many others in our world for who silence means loneliness, not peace and beauty.

Please pray for those who are alone and in need of friendship and love, they need us!