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Yes, I’m a perfectionist, and when I don’t achieve perfection I am disappointed in myself!

Yes I know that’s really really tough on myself, but it’s who I am…I’m a perfectionist, I always have been and probably always will be!

Not only do I get annoyed and frustrated at myself when I don’t achieve perfection, I also get frustrated when those I’m with don’t  do thinks perfectly either – In the past this has sometimes made things difficult for me, and others as I forget that just like me, other’s aren’t perfect either, and both them nor me will ever be perfect.

So why do I seek perfection?

I was taught as a child to always do my best, and that my best was always good enough…no matter how I compared to others.

I was taught as a child that no-one is perfect. Only one person on earth has ever been perfect and that was Jesus.

Therefore all we humans can do is strive be perfect. i.e. We can strive to be more and more like Jesus.