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Any ideas what my blog post’s going to be about tonight, based on the title?

I’ll give you a clue, I was at Hampden Park last night…

Got it yet? Take That, the Progress tour – so having been at the show last night that means I’ve been Progressed!

My friend and me were at Hampden park last night for the 3rd and final night of the Take That show in Scotland. I was really looking forward to the show having been a huge Take That fan since they first came on the scene a number of years ago. I saw them 2 years ago at Hampden for The Circus tour and thoroughly enjoyed that so was expecting another great night last night.

Well I wasn’t disappointed, even the rain starting part way through the show didn’t dampen the spirits of the crowd or lessen our enjoyment of the show.

The support act were The Pet Shop Boys, who I must admit I haven’t heard for years…probably since Take That were first around. They did a great job getting the crowd going, as they played many of their old hits including West End Girls and Left To My Own Devices. You might get a good idea of the average age of the crowd when I tell you that many folk (certain round us) were singing along with the Pet Shop Boys!

The Take That show was fantastic, just like The Circus, the set was fabulous with many outfit changes and changes to the set layout, including waterfalls on the stage and fireballs. What a spectacle!

The show started with 4 of Take That performing a few songs before “the fifth man” made his appearance…by himself! Yes Robbie Williams did about 5 or 6 of his own songs, on stage himself before the five members of Take That joined together for the remainder of the show. As always Robbie didn’t disappoint, he is such a wonderful showman and really got the crowd going…even more than they already were!

All seemed good with Take That, with no signs of any issues between any of the band members. The very fact they let Robbie do some of his own songs suggests to me that the rest of the guys are totally comfortable with him “back for good”.

Take That did many of their newer songs as well as a short spot where they did some of their older songs just with Gary Barlow at the piano. They played all my favourite songs so I was more than happy with the show.

If you get the opportunity to go and see Take That live, I’d thoroughly recommend that you do so, they do a fantastic show and it’s certainly one you’ll remember for a long time.

Hope you enjoy Take That singing Happy Now: