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Sometimes I think that we should keep Sunday’s special, however most of the time, I must be honest, I see no reason why we must keep Sunday’s “special”.

My first question to you is this, what do we actually mean when we say “keep Sunday’s special”? Special in what way?

If we mean that we should keep Sunday’s sacred, I would want to know why we are singling out Sunday’s to be sacred – Shouldn’t every day be sacred!

As Christians God expects us to act in a Christ-like manner every day, and to do our best to be more and more like Christ in everything we do. Therefore that’s a 27/4 job, not just a job for one day a week, a Sunday.

Maybe part of the reason why some think we should keep Sunday’s special is because they see less and less folk acting like Christ each day, so feel there should be one day every week that we focus on Christ. i.e. a Sunday. But for me, that actually is the best reason why we shouldn’t keep Sunday’s special. i.e. If people are struggling to see Christ in their everyday lives, isn’t that the best reason we could possibly have to show them more of Christ everyday.

In conclusion, I don’t think there is any need to keep Sunday’s special, because I truly believe every day in God’s presence is a special day for me…and it can be for you too!