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Yesterday in part 1 of This World , I asked you to consider when the last time was that you stopped for a few minutes and had a real look around you at the world in which we live. In that blog post I asked you to focus not on the buildings or people but on nature, on God‘s handiwork.

Today however I want you to do the opposite, today I want you to look around you at the people, the buildings, the communities.

What do you see? People and communities flourishing, and full of life and happiness, or do you see people and communities struggling to make ends meet, struggling to get themselves and their families through another day without giving up on life.

Sadly there are many in our communities who struggle every day through life. Many of them will do their best not to let the “outside world” that they are struggling, while others will do all they can to get every bit of help available to them.

Then there are those who quite simply have nothing…no home, no job, no food, no money…what do you do when you look around this world and see them? Ignore them, go out of your way to avoid them, or reach out and try to help them.

I suspect I’m not alone in admitting that I have been guilty of ignoring or doing all I can to avoid homeless peopleWhy have I done that? If I’m honest, because I’ve felt I’m too busy and didn’t want the hassle. However sitting here considering this in more detail, I truly feel ashamed by my actions. How about you?

God made each and every one of us, and He continues to love and care for each of us, so we must all do all we can to love and care for everyone in our communities, not just those we know personally, but also those less fortunate than ourselves who are in desperate need of help.

Here’s Casting Crowns singing a wonderful song entitled If We’ve Ever Needed You