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This week I’ve been the recipient of several compliments…and no, none of them were from my hubby!

First at work earlier this week, I attended a meeting (which I do quite frequently!). At this particular meeting was someone I’ve known for a while because they have worked with some of my colleagues, however I personally have never worked with them. The compliment itself, wasn’t said until the day after the meeting, when I received an email from this person which I’m quoting said

And I thought you were magnificent yesterday

Wow! I responded by thanking them and telling them they were very kind. I was then informed by them that and I’m definitely quoting them now…

Actually, I’m not very kind – but I am very honest!

Then on Thursday night I attended my first band practice at Bellshill Salvation Army, for the first time in quite a while. Despite having originally expected to be sitting bottom of the trombone section playing 2nd trombone, I was instructed to take my “normal” position on 1st trombone.

Well it was an interesting practice having to sightread a number of pieces including sightreading the Bass Trombone part for I Will Follow Him so we had all the parts covered! Being my first practice back I didn’t think I played very well, fluffing nd mis-pitching a number of notes. Oh and BTW it took till the third time through I Will Follow Him before I got the Bass Trombone solo right!

After getting home from the practice, tired and beginning to get quite sore, I received an email which amongst other things said

great effort! Fantastic reading of the bass trombone part in I will follow

I was very surprised, but then I do rate and value this person’s opinion and their support. I’m sure you’ll not be surprised (especially if you’ve read some of my other blog posts where I’ve told how much of a perfectionist I am!), that I replied to that email by telling the person they were very generous with their praise and pointed out just what I said earlier about all my mistakes.

I got the following response to my comments

You did really well – be positive!

…and that folks probably sums me up! Being a perfectionist I expect and want everything I do to be perfect, and so when people compliment me I find it difficult to accept their comments because, I guess, I don’t appreciate how well I’ve done just because it wasn’t up to my own very high standards.

Do you accept compliments well? Are you embarrassed when people compliment you?

Don’t be! Accept them graciously. Compliments should lift our spirits and make us feel good about ourselves and how many things can we say that about?!