Archive for August 23, 2011

Do you or anyone you know, wear a necklace with a cross on it?

Do you wear it because of what it signifies or just because you like it?

If someone asked you why you were wearing a cross, what would your response be?

I’m not ashamed of my religion, I’m proud of it, while at the same time being humbled by the full significance of the cross.

How easy it is to wear a symbol of your religion, but how simple it is to wear on a daily basis without even thinking about its significance.

I realised today that I often put on my cross without even thinking about what it stands for, and that shocked me. How can I ever forget what Jesus did for me at the cross!

I pray that every time I pick out my necklace with a cross from my jewellery box, I will not just quickly put it round my neck, but will take a few moments to thank God for sending Jesus to die on the cross, just so I could be forgiven of all my sins.