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Remember Me by Laura Story

This is the body that was torn for us
This is the blood that was spilt
Points to the pain you endured for us
Points to the shame, the blame, the guilt

Father, Son and Holy Spirit come
Move our hearts to remember

This is the Lamb who was slain for us
So we the church may enter in
 So bitter sweet when we think of You
The One who bore our curse, our sin

Sometimes I wonder how I’ve managed to go through a whole day without thinking about what God has done for me. How about you, do you take time out every day to think about what God has done for you?

Not only does it amaze me when I don’t think about what God’s done for me, it also shames me. After all Jesus shed His blood for me, and suffered a horrendous death, just so I could be free to be me!

I have vowed to take time out each day to thank God for all He’s done for me, and all He continues to do for me, will you promise to do the same?