Archive for September 4, 2011

I’m sure we’ve all heard a number of people talking about how we should focus on other people and not on ourselves because in looking outward we minimise the significance our own problems and issues, have on our life.

To a degree I think this is right, however we can’t spend all out time looking outwards and caring for others, as we will simply run ourselves into the ground and then be of no use to anyone. I think this is particularly applicable to those who have their own health problems as it is impossible to spend all your
time caring for and helping others as their own health will suffer even more as a result.

I do believe however that we can all care in a spiritual way for others, regardless of our own physically capabilities. By praying for others we are doing the most useful thing we could possible do for them, because ultimately God is the only one who can change their situation/circumstances.

We can never (nor should we ever) completely forget or dismiss our own problems or issues, because they are very real to us – Maybe something that is a huge issue for us in our life, is a small insignificance to someone else, so please remember we are all different, we all cope with life’s events and struggles differently, and with different levels of success.

So be patient with those who struggle and moan about life, because they’re simply finding life more difficult to cope with than you are.

Pray for them!