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The Salvation Army has issued a call to prayer to us all. It has requested that every Thursday we hold a world-wide prayer meeting, where each participant spend a period of 30 minutes in prayer. Within the UK we are asked to spend 30 minutes in prayer at some point between 5am and 8am.

Tomorrow is week 2 of this world-wide prayer meeting, but how many of you took part last week, and how many will take part tomorrow and the week after that?

Personally I got up out of my bed half an hour earlier than I would normally have done last Thursday so that I could spend 30 minutes in quiet prayer before I headed out to face my working day. How about you, did you put aside 30 minutes of your day to pray, or did you cram a few minutes prayer into your busy day?

We have 24 hours in every day, and 7 days a week, so is it really so hard to put 30 minutes aside for God in one week!

Please take 30 minutes out of your busy life to join the world-wide prayer meeting tomorrow. You don’t need to sign-up to it to participate, however, if you want you can sign-up at the Salvation Army website using the link below. From this page you can find some suggested prayer topics for the prayer meeting, or you can use your own prayer topics:

Go on, join the world-wide prayer meeting!