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Yesterday in Worldwide Prayer I told you about the call by the General of the Salvation Army for a worldwide prayer meeting every Thursday. I also mentioned how in order to have that weekly worldwide prayer meeting we were asked to spend 30 minutes each Thursday in prayer.

Does 30 minutes seem like a long time to you? Personally, I would say it depend what I’m doing and whether I’m enjoying it, whether half an hour seems like a long or a short period of time. For example, I’m sure we’ve all been in meetings which seem to go on and on, and nothing productive seems to be discussed – these are meetings which always appear to be much much longer than they actually are. In contrast, when we’re in the company of good friends, isn’t funny how time always seems to fly by then.

How about your prayer life? Do you prayer times seem to fly by or are you clock-watching , desperate to get on to doing other things?

Spending time in prayer should be a joy not a grind. It’s personal time with God, in other words we should treat it as spending time with a good friend.

Going back to the Salvation Army’s call to prayer, is asking for us to spend 30 minutes of our Thursday, too much to ask of us? Definitely not! Thirty minutes out of 168 hours each week really isn’t much…especially when you consider we probably all spend much more than that a week on the phone to our friends and family!

Don’t let your prayer time become a grind or a chore, you’re spending time with your best friend, so cherish your prayer time with God.