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I’ve found myself thinking quite a bit in the last couple of weeks about colours, and the feelings, emotions and images the conjure up in our minds when we see certain colours or hear the colours being mentioned. So today I thought I’d give you an idea of some of the colourful thoughts I’ve been having.

So here goes – I’ll give you some colours, single or multiple, and not necessarily in the order you’d expect, and then later in this post I’ll tell you my thoughts. This way you can have a think about the images/emotions the colours give you without being influenced by my answers.

1. Red

2. White and green

3. Black

4. Blue, red and yellow

5. Grey

6. Blue and white

7. Orange

8. Blue and black

9. White

10. Black and white


Now here’s my responses to the colours above:

1. Danger

2. Celtic – not because I support them but because while writing this we were watching them playing in Europe!

3. Darkness and depression

4. Salvation Army flag

5. Boring!

6. Scottish saltire

7. One of my old cars…a “Calypso orange” Fiat Punto

8. Bruises…of which I get many

9. Hospital

10. Caesar – The black and white cat my mother-in-law used to own

Were any of your answers the same as mine?

Did any of my answers amuse you?

What about your own answers, any of them amuse you?

A simply little test there, but I hope it shows the power colour can have, and does have in our lives. Use colours wisely to convey the feelings and emotions you want the viewer to experience. Bearing that in mind, keep an eye out on the colours used in posters and adverts as many of them use colours to stir our emotions.