Archive for September 28, 2011

We all need people we can love and trust and who love and trust us. We yearn for someone who we can share our deepest secrets, feelings and emotions with and who trusts us enough to share their deepest secrets and emotions with us too.

It’s a wonderful feeling when you find someone you feel comfortable enough with to share some of these feelings with. I personally experienced that feeling a few years ago when I was going through a really really tough time, and I must admit it was almost like the someone had turned the sun back on again, when I found someone I could share some of my deepest feelings and fears with. What made that time even more special was that I discovered this person could very much relate to my feelings, as they were going through some tough times themself at that time.

How great it was to have a friend and confidant to rely on…

Can you tell there is a “but” or “however” coming next? Unfortunately after a few months that friend was no longer there for me, and I must admit I was deeply hurt and disappointed. However I truly believe that God sent that friend to me during my darkest days and when He felt I could go on by myself, He moved that friend on to be someonelse’s angel.

God does give us the friends we need, when we need them.

Appreciate your friends, old ones and new ones, as they may be the friend God send you when are most in need.