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Whenever I hear the phrase “The image of Christ“, here what I think of…

What do you think of when you someone says “The image of Christ”? Does it look anything like the above picture?

Yes there are plenty of nice images of Jesus that I could bring to mind when I hear that phrase. Images such as Jesus praying in the temple, Jesus healing the sick or feeding the five thousand, or maybe even Jesus at the Last Supper. However the image I see is not a very pleasant image of Jesus is it?

So why is it that I think of this particular image of Jesus? Well, I personally never want to forget this image because it means I will never forget just how much God sacrificed just for you and me, the life of His only son Jesus!

Don’t ever forget what God has done for you, and continues to do for you – Please keep the image of Christ on the cross in your thoughts always.

I hope you enjoy the song Image Of by Michelle Tumes, and find it helpful: