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Dwell Within
Christ of Glory, Prince of Peace
Let thy life in mine increase
Though I live may it be shown
Tis thy life and not my own
Dwell within that men may see
Christ in me
Christ the living Christ in me
Answer now my soul’s desire
Purge my heart with holy fire
Soothe the hurt with gentle balm
Breathe within my life thy charm
Fill me now so shall there be
Christ in me
Christ the holy Christ in me
Gracious Lord thy grace apply
Both to save and sanctify
All my life wilt thou control
Calmly ordering the whole
That the world my ever see
Christ in me
Christ and only Christ in me
Dwell within

Did you noticed the words of the above song and audio are the same as those I used yesterday in Only Christ…however I make no apology for it!

Why have I now used these words 3 days in a row? Well in thinking about image and especially the image of Christ this week, I’ve found myself thinking about how different from Christ I am inwardly, and even found myself questioning whether I can actually say I am a Christian because of the number of failings I’ve seen in myself.

However the words of this song remind me that my life really isn’t my own, I just need to put my life completely in God‘s hands, and allow Him to order the whole of my life, and ultimately dwell within me.

God doesn’t care about all my failings, He is willing to accept me just as I am, faults and all, and for that I feel truly humbled.

I do have many faults and failings, however I know that with God’s help I can become more Christ-like.

Lord, I pray you will dwell within me, and that others may see Christ living in me. Amen